Favorite spn-episodes: 04.16. On the Head of a Pin

“And it is written the first seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in Hell. As he breaks, so it shall break.”


Supernatural Meme: Three angels (2/3)
Anna Milton
“I was stationed on Earth, two thousand years. Just… watching. Silent. Invisible. Out on the road, sick for home, waiting on orders from a unknowable Father I can’t even begin to understand.”

“look, i get it. you think i’m nuts. if i were you, i’d think i was nuts. but it’s all true. the end is coming. this demon, lilith, is trying to break the sixty-six seals to free lucifer from hell. lucifer will bring the apocalypse. so…smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.”
                   anna milton appreciation
- 4.09 (i know what you did last summer)
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Supernatural 5x13, The Song Remains the Same — “If you want to stop the Devil, this is how.”

“I mean it. Every emotion, Dean. Even the bad ones. It’s why I fell. It’s why… why I’d give anything not to have to go back. Anything.